How it All Began...

TASS was an idea that began back in the late 80's when a few men in Tarboro started having some fun King Tournaments at Atlantic Beach . This group consisted of Ben and Lum Mayo, Jimmie Hughes , William Davis , Bob Barnhill , Brent Nash, Bryan Mayo, Berry Anderson, Gerald Perry, Jimmy Dupree, Steve Hoard and several more that I can't remember . Lots of fun was had fishing and socializing. For a while, two tournaments per year were held, but this effort was short lived.

In 1999, the interest was rekindled because of the number of people in Tarboro involved in King fishing. In early 2000, a nucleus of people willing to put forth the effort to get TASS off the ground came together. At the initial meeting, it was decided that the time was right for a formal organization and this fishing club, complete with by-laws and elected officers was established. These people formed the first Board of Directors and set about the task of getting out information and bringing together a club. The first officers were: Jimmie Hughes , President; Jeff Webb, Vice President; Laurie Webb , Secretary; and, Susan Hughes , Treasurer. The Directors were Jimmie Dupree, David Pennington (who was replaced by Brooks Knight when he relocated) Rob Pennington, and Eugene Speed These officers actually served two years as it was felt that the club needed a firmly developed foundation before the leadership changed. During the first two years in existence, TASS obtained tax-exempt status and became incorporated as a non-profit organization.

TASS started with a very successful Herring Fry/membership drive. This initial activity began the organization that is here today. During the formative years many annual events began. The first annual TASS banquet was successfully chaired by Rob Pennington. Two great King tournaments were held in Atlantic Beach , and the first annual Fishing with Kids at Pell's was held. The first donation by the club was given to the Coastal Conservation Association. From those first few events have come the annual Tar River Shad Tournament, the Tar River Rock Tournament , and the winter Rock tournament held at Oregon Inlet.

The purpose of TASS is to provide an organization for people in Edgecombe County or who have ties to Edgecombe County with a common interest in fishing and fun to come together. Community Service became its aim. Through funds raised from various projects, TASS has donated picnic tables to city park, established a scholarship at Edgecombe Community College , and promoted fishing fun for kids.

TASS has come along way since its inception. This has been accomplished by many dedicated and supportive individuals who have given their time and energy to make things happen. As leaders continue to step forward, the organization will remain a viable club offering a unique opportunity for people in Edgecombe County to come together through their common interest in fishing!

Jimmie Hughes